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Host to Host is an exclusive community for talented hosts to swap their places for vacation


Traditional Travel/Swapping Can Be...


There are SO many rentals out there, you can easily find yourself endless scrolling for "the one" that's perfect for you and your family.


Average nightly rates for carefully curated places can be pricey. You can expect to pay thousands for a week getaway.


Leaving your beautiful place to a stranger without knowing their guest behaviour is stressful. 



You Can Relax Now

Host to Host is unlike any other platform as it leverages the uniquely talented and global hosting community.

Curated Community

No more scrolling!

We've collected dozens of signature styled homes with talented hosts from across the world who want to swap with you.

Affordable Travel

Our community provides discounts or even FREE accommodation for our members. 

Easy Swap

As you know, hosts make the BEST guests. You can relax knowing your place will be in good hands while you are away.

Host to Host is Coast to Coast

We have members from all over the world including Canada, USA, Australia, and South East Asia


How you can start swapping with our members

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It's FREE to Apply!

Our application takes 2 minutes and we respond within 48 hours.

Step 2


All members are verified before joining to maintain our high level of quality. 

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Find your next vacation destination in our members area.

Step 4


Take the break you deserve and relax knowing your place will be taken care of while you are on vacation.

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What our members think

"After staying at our place, they only wanted to spoil us in return. It was so nice to be taken care of when we stayed at their gorgeous rental for free!"

Monique, The Vermont Aframe

"Host To Host is perfect in the way it connects hosts with similar values." 

Christine, Alpenglow Cabin

The Story

As a busy host, I knew I was in need of a getaway to reconnect with what really love to do - experience iconic rentals.

After many hours of traditional searching and only finding places over of my budget, I reached out to a fellow host on Instagram. 

I offered our sweet little updated rental for a few nights in their treehouse, and they said YES! It was after this that I wondered if other hosts would be interested in the same exchange. This was the beginning of Host to Host.


Not only are we able to take dream vacations for much less, but we get to serve the best guests - fellow hosts! 

Samantha Pike
Creator of Host to Host


What's Included with Your Membership

A welcoming community of like minded hosts with iconic vacation rentals

An opportunity to exchange properties as many times as you wish

Add multiple listings at no extra cost

HostGPO membership for North American hosts

A guide to help you swap with our members

You determine how you swap

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The Lofthouse Co in Colorado

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