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A place for short term accommodation owners to
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Host to Host is a full service community that can help guide you through the initial set up of your rental, elevate your current offering, and provide a host to host swap service for the upper echelon of short term stays.

There is no other platform that offers this level of immersive experience for hosts. We provide a comfortable place for hosts to facilitate connection by creating an environment that allows for the
same level of respite they want for
their guests.

Our community allows owners to share their wins, their problems and be inspired by their peers doing great things across the world and in their backyard.


Image by Erico Marcelino

Host to Host's

Signature Tour

to Australia

June - July

What is it really like to swap with our Exclusive Members?  Host to Host's founder and CEO, Samantha Pike, is going to find out. Starting in Sydney area and working her way south to Hobart Tasmania, Samantha will document her stay with 12 Exclusive Host to Host members.  

Host to Host allows you to reconnect with your guesting spirit, practice self-care, and find belonging. 

What We Do


Free Community

Discover people like you who are interested in all things short term rental: home design, hosting tips, special property features on our platform via Mighty Networks.



Whether you are starting from scratch or you would like to elevate what you currently host, Creating a Captivating Rental Course has the resources you need to become iconic. Created by our founder, Samantha Pike.


Home Swapping

We call this private community within our larger network

Host to Host Exclusive. This paid membership allows you to connect with vetted hosts who represent the most iconic properties from around world AND who want to swap with you.

Hi, I'm Sam

Host to Host started when I was in need of a break myself. After managing multiple five star rental properties, over the course of a very busy summer, I was burning out. Don't get me wrong, I love to host, but I also love to be a charmed guest. I knew I was in need of connection with others and a break! 

One night, after many hours of traditional searching and only finding places over of my budget, I reached out to a fellow host on Instagram. 


I offered our sweet little updated rental for a few nights in their treehouse, and... they said YES! It was after this that I knew other hosts would be interested in the same exchange. This was the beginning of Host to Host.

Not only are we able to take dream vacations for much less, but we get to reap the rewards of the hard work we've put in by trading with others who care as deeply as we do. AND we get to host the best guests - fellow hosts - in return! This really is the best mutual exchange. 


Host to Host has evolved to so much more by now offering a course and a larger inclusive community for all who are curious about the curated vacation rental world. 


You are what makes this space beautiful. Thank you for joining us.

Samantha Pike
Founder and CEO of Host to Host

Image by Erico Marcelino

We're Going On a
Signature Tour
to Australia

To celebrate, we're offering a

One Time Fee

for lifetime access to Host to Host Exclusive


Zero Recurring Membership Fees (Regularly $600/year)


Monthly Payment Plan Available
$50/month for 10 months

You Determine How You Swap

All Applicants Are Thoughtfully Considered

here's what we look for: 
  • Professional photography
  • Home style technique
  • Five star reviews
  • Strong host involvement (host is hands on).

Exclusive Member Tara's 

The Lofthouse Co in Colorado

well appointed art

curated furniture

added touches of character

artisan amenities

carefully selected linens