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Host to Host Exclusive

a host to host swap service for the upper echelon of short term stays


Host to Host Exclusive is our top tier membership within our larger network that facilitates vacation home swapping between hosts. Inside our private group, you'll find fellow hosts with highly curated vacation rental properties who also want to connect and swap with each other for mutual bespoke getaways. 

How it works


How do you swap?

We provide a private platform for you to connect with vetted hosts in order to build relationships and make trades. 

It's as simple as sending a private message within our platform to a member and then setting dates for a trade. 

Who is invited?

Each member is carefully selected in order to maintain a high level of integrity and style inside our private group. 

It's important to us that each member feels comfortable and excited to be apart of this community - we want each member to be approached by someone who can offer the same level of respite they offer. We love & strive for optimal mutual exchanges. 


What's it like inside?

Our community lives on Mighty Networks. This platform allows us to connect privately, host our own monthly online Zoom calls, share our listings and other inspirations within the group. 

You'll find many other hosting resources within our larger network too; including the Creating a Captivating Rental Course and Signature Tour.

What's Included with Your Membership

A curated community of likeminded hosts with iconic vacation rentals who want to swap with you. 

A personalized guided tour of our platform on Mighty Networks. 

In person Private Events for Exclusive Members all over the world.

HostGPO (short term rental owner buyers club) membership to save on everything you need for your rental. (for North American owners)

Huge discounts on our other offerings, including the Creating a Captivating Rental Course


What Our Members Think

"After staying at our place, they only wanted to spoil us in return. It was so nice to be taken care of when we stayed at their gorgeous rental for just the cost of their cleaning fee".

Tarah, The Loft House Co

"Host To Host is perfect in the way it connects hosts with similar values." 

Christine, Alpenglow Cabin

You determine how you swap

Host to Host is Coast to Coast

We have members from all over the world including Canada, USA, and Australia

Frequently Asked Questions


I don't travel very often, is this really worth it?

If you are not keen on setting time aside for self care and travel, this membership might not be for you. 

We understand you are a busy host, and your guests come first, but if you are finding yourself needing time away to experience being a guest again, you are in the right place.

A little apprehension about finding the time to travel is normal. But it doesn't have to be daunting.

We recommend starting with baby steps - connect with a member who is not too far from you and arrange a local trade. Reduce your time away, and just start small. 


There are so many beautiful properties inside, what if mine isn't nice enough to swap with?

Before accepting a new member into our community, we look for a few things; professional photos, a keen sense of home styling, number of 5 star reviews, host involvement with property (hands on hosts) - basically we accept hosts who love and care. 

All of our member's vary in amenities, style, and locations - this is part of what makes our community unique. A one bedroom treehouse may swap with a four bedroom villa - they both vary in what they have to offer, but are very desirable to each member.

Let's just put it this way, if you've been accepted into our community, your place is definitely worth swapping with.


Apart from swapping, what else does the Exclusive membership include?

We are the only fully immersive hosting community of its kind. 

All Exclusive Member's receive: 

  • Monthly online gatherings with iconic property owners (our Exclusive members).

  • HostGPO membership - Save​ on everything you need for your rental (North American properties only)

  • Discounts on our offerings, including the Creating a Captivating Rental Course.

  • Invitations to in-person Exclusive Member events.

The Story

As a busy host, I knew I was in need of a getaway to reconnect with what really love to do - experience iconic rentals.

After many hours of traditional searching and only finding places over of my budget, I reached out to a fellow host on Instagram. 

I offered our sweet little updated rental for a few nights in their treehouse, and they said YES! It was after this that I wondered if other hosts would be interested in the same exchange. This was the beginning of Host to Host.


Not only are we able to take dream vacations for much less, but we get to serve the best guests - fellow hosts! 

Samantha Pike
Creator of Host to Host

Image by Erico Marcelino

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Zero Recurring Membership Fees (Regularly $600/year)


Monthly Payment Plan Available
$50/month for 10 months

All Applicants Are Thoughtfully Considered

here's what we look for: 
  • Professional photography
  • Home style technique
  • Five star reviews
  • Strong host involvement (host is hands on).

The Lofthouse Co in Colorado

well appointed art

curated furniture

added touches of character

artisan amenities

carefully selected linens

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